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Umbrellas, some thoughts…

Pessimism or preparedness?

I always carry an umbrella. A day or night can go so wrong so quickly in London.

Uncontrollable and unforeseen events abound.. An umbrella is a preventative measure.

Assume the worst, act accordingly.

Hers, His, Other?

I recently visited a website advising men on how to choose an appropriate ‘proper

gentleman's’ umbrella’. An important part of a gentleman's arsonal….. a weapon against

ruffians....shafts and solid sticks are of up-most consideration. Hilarious. I own several


Personal Space?

A rainy day divides us quickly into ‘haves and have nots’ in the umbrella stakes. Although I have been known to share my portable shelter, this is an exclusive club, space is very



I once had a very fine, vintage umbrella of rare pattern and form stolen by a coat-check

attendant. Pre-internet, my recourse was to fly-post the surrounding neighbourhood, alerting all to the risks of ruthless umbrella thievery. Also, Waterloo Bridge.


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